All contributions, both code and documentation, are welcome!


The source code is located at To submit contributions you’ll need to create a Launchpad account if you do not already have one.

To get the code:

$ bzr branch lp:charm-helpers

To build and run tests:

$ cd charm-helpers
$ make

Submitting a Merge Proposal

Run make test and ensure all tests pass. Then commit your changes and push them to a personal branch:

bzr ci -m "Description of your changes"
bzr push lp:~<launchpad-username>/charm-helpers/my-feature

Note that the branch name (‘my-feature’ in the above example) can be anything you choose - preferably something descriptive.

Once your branch is pushed, open it in a web browser, e.g.:<launchpad-username>/charm-helpers/my-feature

Find and click on the ‘Propose for merging’ link, and on the following screen, click the ‘Propose Merge’ button.


Do not set a value in the ‘Reviewer’ field - it will be set automatically.

Open Bugs

If you’re looking for something to work on, the open bug/feature list can be found at


If you’d like to contribute to the documentation, please refer to the document in the root of the source tree for instructions on building the documentation.

Contributions to the Examples section of the documentation are especially welcome, and are easy to add. Simply add a new .rst file under charmhelpers/docs/examples.

Getting Help

If you need help you can find it in #juju on the Freenode IRC network. Come talk to us - we’re a friendly bunch!